Go the Distance Foundation

Booker’s Go The Distance Foundation serves as a bridge between local law enforcement and at-risk youth to facilitate dialogue, respect and cooperation in bettering the community. Chordale's goal is to create a mentorship program between community civic, academic, and business leaders and Stamford youth. Join Chordale in supporting the next generation!

“Life, like boxing, is a fight. Mine has been filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Long before I ever stepped in the ring, life knocked me flat on my back. I had a choice: I could stay there and throw in the towel, or I could get up and push through. I chose the latter. When the final bell rings, I’ll know I gave it my best and gave it my all. Victory in life isn’t only measured in wins or losses. It’s about standing tall at the end with pride in having gone the distance.” -Chordale Booker


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